yeah~ We, 4SN and 5SN are having an Science Exhibition in Lab 1 today.

4SN take part in Physics experiment whereas 5SN taking Biologys

Our group are doing experiment which are studying for the function of convex and concave reflector XD

And...Thank you for Dear Wei Thien for coming visit us~ You are so good~~~

Unlike somebody, (i am really NOT talking about Ah Chai), she promise me that she will come over during the recess time but she didn't show up in the sad! My feeling was cheated XD

She explained with me later on when i "accidently" meet her near canteen, what she told me is because inside the lab are too crowded, thats why she didn't come in.

Yahla Yahla Whatever~  

Nevermind.......I will forgive you! haha :]

SOmething i forgot was i didn't tell AhXin and Tan Pei Jia to support us......what a failure of me, how can i forget this!

Anyway, Mr.Yip says that our exhibition was SUCCESS

Mr.Yip's mood seems to be happy today~

But 4Sn are more happy, am I right?

We miss out Pn.Shu and En.Hamid's lesson today, WHOO what a nice day~~~~~~~

I love 4SN~

We are the best even through sometimes we are really noisy~

NVM, I love 4SN~

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